1. Michael. What makes your treatment special?

This palpatory ability, to evaluate and treat the pain in head at a highly sophisticated manual level, is what distinguishes Manual therapist from all other forms of medicine and therapy. Since 1995 I have used a series of techniques, which, by way of temporary reproduction of headache and easing of the headache as a technique is sustained, confirm that a neck, shoulder and jaw disorder is a significant factor in the cause of the headache or migraine.  For the disorder to be related to the headache or migraine process the headache has to ease as the technique is maintained.  If both reproduction and lessening are not possible then the neck may not be the source of
e headache or migraine.

2. Michael. What is the most important part of the therapy?

It is very important that the first step is for your headache to be assessed by your Internist, GP, Neurologist or Osteopathic doctor who will then determine if a neurological opinion is required and whether farther evaluation of your head is necessary. Education about posture and poor posture is very important. Patient must follow therapist instruction, be aggressive with therapy and use home program witch usually involve active stretches.

3. How do you treat different type of headaches?

There are over 300 different types of headache have been described in the medical literature - are there 300 causes?  No. “THERE ARE MANY FORMS OF STRESS, INCLUDING PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, HORMONAL AND NUTRITIONAL, BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE STRESS REACTION, NAMELY INCREASED MUSCLE TENTION. STRESS MAY STEM FROM A VARIETY OF SORSES, BUT THE NERVOUS SISTEM’S REACTION IS ALWAYS THE SAME” The difference between migraine and tension headaches is intensity of pain, the cause maybe the same. I look at the patient soft tissue dysfunction, postural dysfunction and postural habit. Treating the cause of headache and provide the correct treatment will produce good result. I just would like you to know that there are a lot of treatment and techniques now available for your headaches. Some of you will get spectacular results with one or more of these treatments and others will not. However, it has been my experience and the experience of a large number of my patients that if the treatments work, they work well, are safe and have absolutely no side effects.

4. Michael. Can patient have a therapy and medication same time?

There is a lot of medical research, which clearly indicates that most headaches are caused by irritation to the neck, upper shoulder and jaw  nerves, as well as blood flow changes, and other type of headaches are unknown; it seems logical and reasonable to me that therapy and medication can be excellent combination of treatment.In my experience the patient who received combination of this treatments have the best result. 

5. Do the patients who have a headache also have neck pain?

Absolutely not. From my experience some of my patient who had headaches did not have neck pain for long time.

6.What happened if patient is not better?

We expect appreciable improvement with most patients within seven treatments and if this has not occurred then it is unlikely further treatment will be successful.  To justify ongoing treatment there needs to be identifiable, positive changes in your headache or migraine symptoms. Patient will be sent to the physician for re -evaluation. If your headaches are cause because of the upper body problem most of the patients will get spectacular results with these treatments. It has been my experience and the experience of a large number of my patients that if the treatments work, they work well.

7.Why headaches?

Why your interest mostly in headaches? Besides headache I also treat patients with neck problem, shoulder and lower back. I have been working with headache patients since 1995. Very often I been ask why headache therapy or why only headache been the most of your interest. And the answer for it is that I see the best result for headache suffers from my treatments. The result that less, not short term only. Sins 1990 most of my continue education was in erea of manual therapy for spinal conditions that have direct effect on headaches. My goal is to provide skilled and advanced assessment and treatments of the neck, shoulder and jaw as a possible source of headache and educate my patients about anatomy of headache.

8. Is the muscles only reason of headache that comes from neck?

From a personal  point of view contracted muscles not the only cause of headaches, although in a few instances the contracted muscles may be the primary cause of the patient’s headache, especially so when the affection is due to hormonal, emotional or postural stress. And usually the contraction of the muscles is major cause of headaches build by stress and pore posture in most cases, but  for instance, a herniated disk or even mild arthritis may be the cause of an irritation of certain muscles along the spinal column and thus cause contracted muscles.

9. Who is qualified to provide that kind of treatments?

The most effective treatments can be provided by Osteopathic doctor who is practicing traditional osteopathic therapy, Chiropractic doctor who is besides manipulation also practicing manual therapy, licensed clinical massage therapist with education in neuromuscular therapy and craniosacral therapy. Some physical therapists that have additional education in manual therapy can also provide effective treatments. If patient is not gadding improvement in five to seven treatments physician should re evaluate that patient.

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